Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bedroom Updates

 photo IMGP9719_zpsbb135a2d.jpg  photo IMGP9716_zpsecda2f1b.jpg  photo IMGP9718_zps7e1b408f.jpg  photo IMGP9711_zpsb9558059.jpg  photo IMGP9713_zps2b149945.jpg  photo IMGP9712_zps23113b5f.jpg  photo IMGP9721_zpsf668c4c4.jpg  photo IMGP9723_zps38404402.jpg  photo IMGP9717_zpsd845c5d3.jpg  photo IMGP9709_zps903f28be.jpg  photo IMGP9708_zpsf479a0d0.jpg As the months have gone on I've settled well into my Leeds bedroom. I'm growing to love it despite the damp.. I've made more personal touches, keeping it organised and clutter free whilst still making it my own space.

After a couple of days of hammering and screwing (the DIY type) I managed to fix my bedside table and chest of drawers together that I was sent from the lovely people over at Argos. A combination of the smaller size and white finish makes my room feel brighter and a little bigger, which is always a good thing. Now all I’d like to change is my black wardrobe - I have my eye on one of these ivory clothing rails.

With each fresh wash I’ve been mixing up my bed sheets so they don’t match. I'd recommend this to add some pattern and/or colour into your bedroom - I brought up the pillow cases from my single duvet sets at home.

I’ve used two storage boxes to organize my shoes and bags underneath my mirror. These boxes effortlessly help to decluter my room, and now all my housemates can find my clutches and shoes easily too..!

Everything’s a little more organized now and has it’s own place/pot, and I’ve filled up my pin board a tad more with memories and things of note (like those Sainsbury’s brand match vouchers that I never remember to use). I've set a new years resolution of culling my clutter even more to create more space for thinking and creating as my course seems to require an inner design machine. Have you had a new years style spring clean?

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  1. Such a pretty room, you've definitely made it your own :D Love the desk space, bunting and little cat drawing especially! x

  2. Such a lovely uni room! mine's nothing like that. I love the trinklets! and the furniture! xo

  3. I'm moving on Friday so this was nice to see to get some inspo!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  4. it definitely is starting to look a lot homier. I love it, and I am in love with your bed sheets! Such inspiration.

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  5. Your bedroom is so pretty! love your bed sheets!

  6. Very pretty room. ♥ I love the jewellery hanger you have, I need something like this to stop my necklaces from tangling.

    Abigail x

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