Monday, 16 December 2013

Navy Cable Knit and New Balance's

 photo IMG_2930_zpsc0a54b3f.jpg  photo IMG_2932_zps06a56062.jpg  photo IMG_2937_zps0b4aa456.jpg  photo IMG_2936_zps7abf42fa.jpg

Jumper & Shirt: Charity Shop | Trainers: Schuh | Jeans: Topshop

So this is pretty much all I’ve been wearing recently (I’m not even joking). Leeds has lived up to the promise of November being bitterly cold – not to mention December – so that not even Primark cosy tights are fighting off the goose pimples. I find that gloomy mornings and dingy weather saturates any outfit inspiration I have (which is a rarity anyway) and I just go straight to my trusty Joni jeans and a wooly jumper, which seem to suffice quite nicely.

I went to a little blogging event not too long ago with Katie and received a £30 Schuh voucher, which excited my inner trainer lover tremendously. I’ve had my eye on these New Balance trainers for a few months now and ever since I caught Olivia rocking a navy pair I haven’t been able to resist. So I scoured the site and within a couple of minutes these ultra cool burgundy 574’s were on their way to me. And have I been pleasantly surprised! I never anticipated how comfy they would actually be. Yeah parents always bang on about how much better trainers are for your feet, but oh my. I now set off to Uni with a spring in my step as the cushty soles propel me forward and welcome my tootsies to a heaven of suede goodness. Definitely one for your Christmas list!

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  1. Love that knit and such a great color!


  2. I know exactly what you mean! I always just go straight to my joni jeans and a jumper if the weather is looking particularly gloomy! I absolutely love the colour of your new balances, I'm such a sucker for anything burgundy

  3. Your jumper is a great charity shop find! Lovely knit :)

  4. Such a gorgeous look! I love your trainers, so casual and wintery!

  5. Love a big cosy jumper, always a winner! And your hair looks super cute! xx

  6. Hi, I'm kind of new to the blogger world, it would mean so much to me if you got a sneak peek at my blog :) xx

  7. Ah, cable knit sweaters are so timeless. I love adding them to my wardrobe! This one looks sooooo thick and cozy.

    Xo, Hannah

  8. i love your outfit ! Your shoes are so lovely!
    Emma's little box


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