Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Leather and Texture

 photo IMGP9529_zpscd22b994.jpg  photo IMGP9518_zps2567922c.jpg  photo IMGP9506_zpsa32c7b9e.jpg  photo IMGP9531_zps1fd31272.jpg  photo IMGP9538_zpsc7d07288.jpg  photo IMGP9532_zps28a7d600.jpg

Cardigan & Bag: Primark | Skirt: H&M | Jumper: Topshop (similar here) | Boots: Own riding boots | Head Warmer: Next

When a friend showed me this skirt she bought but found it was a bit too big, I bit the pleather world bullet and offered to buy it off her. Leather is never something I've been particularly fond of on myself, apart form my leather jacket, but thought I'd throw myself into the deep end and push back by fail safe 'cutesy' look.

It's fair for me to admit I've been a little confused as how to style it without looking like I'm going out for drinks/dinner. However, matched with different textures here I think it works well and doesn't stand out as a 'kinky' (as mum put it) skirt. Overall I've found furry jumpers to pair nicely with this leather number, and one of the little Topshop camisoles for evening outings.

Admittedly in a few of these photos it looks like my housemates furry head piece is obstructing my vision, but I could actually see fine, and it was perfect for keeping my fringe in place when the wind blew! Are you mixing textures this winter?

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  1. The headwarmer looks great! Lovely outfit :)


  2. I've always been too nervous to try leather as I thought it was too "edgy" lol. But you make it look great and not too fancy which is always my fear :).


  3. Nice outfit! and lovely pictures!

    xx 1310bynora.com

  4. Cool outfit, great photos xx

  5. You look great! I love the effect of these photos, do you take them on film and scan them in? Bet you're glad you got the skirt off your friend now! x

    The Little Things

  6. You look lovely and I can't believe the cardigan and bag are from Primark! I must go shopping there....

    Becca x
    Paradise Tea

  7. you have THEE prettiest smile ever! such a gorgeous look, and why do you look so fantastic in that hat, just stunning!

  8. This is a gorgeous look, I'm especially loving that hat!

    Hmm maybe...

  9. I love this outift! You've styled the skirt really well and the whole outfit looks great. And your hat looks so warm and cosy!

    Holly xx


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