Monday, 28 October 2013

Green Fisherman Jumper

 photo IMGP9377_zpsf50bd512.jpg  photo IMGP9381_zpsc3f051f5.jpg  photo IMGP9382_zps035c1d79.jpg  photo IMGP9403_zps502b2031.jpg  photo IMGP9383_zpsa43a254d.jpg  photo IMGP9398_zps64213667.jpg  photo IMGP9405_zpse74b11d1.jpg

Jumper: Glamorous via Helen | Jeans, Shoes & Bag: Topshop | Socks: Urban Outfitters

Between being swept off my feet and rained back into my house I managed to squeeze in these photos with my housemate Emma. All I've been wearing lately is these Joni Topshop jeans - I finally caved and hitched on my wagon, and oh are they worth the hype! From cutting down my diet and doing regular exercise I've managed to drop a size and have maintained it, so therefore desperately needed some new trousers as I couldn't pull off the saggy jeans look anymore (we're talking more of a tramp look). 

I've also had my eye on a new chunky knit and as Helen was selling this gorgeous mint fisherman one I couldn't resist! It's so surprisingly warm despite it still being light weight and without that swampy feel that some knits have. The past few days it's been doing a wonderful job of providing a little pop of colour into my monochrome mind set. 

It's been all work and hardly any play recently which resulted in a guilty shopping spree a couple of weeks ago at the student lock in. I managed to pick up these lace up platforms from Topshop with 20% discount (amazing right?). I'd had my eye on them for a while and the packed shop with bits and pieces all over the place as you weaved in and out of other excited girls meant there was no way I could say no this time. Despite them being pretty difficult to walk in at first from the platform heel, I've gradually got used to them and they're now my go to pair of shoes for anything moderately more dressy than casual. Oh and how cool are my new hipster tie-dye UO socks?!

Have you picked up any new favourite pieces recently? 

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  1. Ooooh I love your outfit. And I love the photo in front of your house... there's something just cool about it all!

    Sophie @ x

  2. Love your jumper and the shoes are fabulous! x

  3. Your jumper is such a pretty colour!

  4. I love the jumper! I'm also going to try the Joni jeans, I usually buy leigh but cannot resist! x

  5. cableknit sweaters are THE BEST, although I've recently banned myself from buying anymore clothes, haha. Time to find new ways of using old clothes. ;)

  6. Loving that jumper! Many congratulations on your weight loss too, you look FABULOUS.
    Rosie x

  7. These shots are so gorgeous, absolutely love the backdrop!
    And as for the outfit..incredible! So casual but so gorge, the colour of your jumper is stunning!

  8. I'm an absolute fiend when it comes to anything mint green, I compulsively buy it all the time! Loving those shoes too :-)

  9. Love the shape and colour of the jumper - you look great! Fab photos too :D x

  10. I'm loving the joni jeans too at the moment, and it's good to treat yourself after doing so well. You look gorgeous :)

    Hmm maybe...


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