Friday, 6 September 2013

Sweater Weather

 photo IMGP8941_zps79a42641.jpg  photo IMGP8965_zps35dedf91.jpg  photo IMGP8944_zpsf2188ab2.jpg  photo IMGP8971_zpsf8eae180.jpg  photo IMGP8990_zpsa0dc6825.jpg  photo IMGP8996_zps8a2f51e2.jpg

Jumper: Charity Shop | Shorts: Primark | Sandals: Topshop | Sunglasses: Tiger

Last summer we spent a week here in the French Alps, and it was surprisingly warm – we’re talking tan lines weather. So when we stayed in our little apartment in Saint Gervais last week, I packed for warm weather, understandably. However, much to my wardrobe annoyance, we left the sunny weather in the UK and arrived to cold showers in France. Typical.

On our trip to the local Carrefore we picked up some black tights that I could pair with all my summer dresses for the week, as I winced at the fact I had forgotten any form of waterproof clothing. So I did my best to pair my new lovely snuggly white jumper with everything I had packed. It’s proven rather versatile and is slimming down the cost per way a lot quicker than I had anticipated.

Any bets on how long it stays white? I’m giving it a few more days. Have you bought any summer jumpers this year?

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous, love that jumper on you and girl, those legs?! Wish I could wear shorts and look as fantastic.

    Also, that view is breathtaking. I adore being in the mountains and you are making me want to take another trip to Europe!


  2. Love the shorts and jumper combo :) How typical about the weather though!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. The view is so pretty!

  4. Ah i love the style of the photo's! Dit you put a filter on it? (if yess, with what?) the last photo is lovely!

  5. Yes, I love that jumper!

    Gorgeous view.

    Hmm maybe...

  6. What a beautiful view and I love that jumper; such a refreshing white colour!

    Oh So Bridie

  7. Stunning photographs! It's so beautiful there, shame about the weather though! Love your shades!

  8. Simple but lovely outfit... looks like a beautiful place to be too :)

  9. You look incredible as does the view! I made that mistake before, went to France without a jumper in sight, oops! Xo

  10. You look amazing! I adore this sweater.
    And the view is awesome:D

  11. Gorgeous photos!

  12. Great photos and the jumper's lovely!

  13. Ah, sweater weather is the best. So far I've bought about 5 new sweaters that I'm excited to try out! I can't wait for it to cool down on the East Coast!

    Xo, Hannah

  14. Great look ;)

  15. Jumper looks lovely, great photos xx


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