Thursday, 25 July 2013

Little Loves: Black Strappy Sandals

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For the past four summers I've taken pride in wearing a pair of tan suede tassle sandals. They were quite perfect for my feet with a wide strap, none of the inbetween toe bit nonsense, and an adjustable ankle strap for my inconveniently small ankles. However when I wore them out in pride in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, they pretty much fell apart. *sob*

I'm just going to go ahead and be the exception to the female stereotype and say I hate shoe shopping. My feet are that awkward size where one is slightly bigger than the other, and abnormally wide by my toes, and abnormally thin by my heel. Therefore, shoe shopping proves as successful as XFactor finalists. Sometimes I can find a perfect, lasting pair, whilst the majority of the time they'll be ideal for about thirty seconds before I loose feeling in my toes or my heels slip out.

A few days ago I strode into Topshop head held high, determined to reunite my tootsies with a durable yet pretty pair of sandals. Much to my confusion, I found the above pair, and they fitted. With straps here there and everywhere, they hold in my feet and prevent my heels from slipping out with a secure ankle strap. To add the cherry on the cake, they mostly cover my toes, which are possibly my least favourite things. What more could I want?

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  1. The sandals looks lovely, I must admit I have awkward feet to, a little wide at the front and I cant stand it when my little pinky toe gets squished cos it really hurts by the end of the day :(

  2. I love these sandals. I had the same perfect pair of tan sandals for about 3 years until my mum forced me to throw them away, it was a sad day x

  3. Those are so cute! The weaving in the middle reminds me a little of the jelly shoes that are in now :P But these are cuter :P

  4. These are so pretty. i love it when you manage to find the perfect pair of sandals! I love the video you did with Katie Brown too by the way!

  5. These are so cute, and they look really comfortable! xx

  6. These are so cute! I hate getting new shoes too, my feet are far too wide and every pair of shoes rub :( xo

  7. i love your sandals - they're lovely! i always have trouble with shoes, it's so painful and annoying! x

  8. I love those sandals! :) I feel your pain though, I sometimes have trouble finding shoes that fit me. I want to have shoes which last long and fit me, but are stylish too.

  9. "shoe shopping proves as successful as xfactor finalists" HAHA! I feel you girl. I have platypus feet and hate it!
    Lydia Rose

  10. I hate when your favorite sandals fall apart! That happened to me last summer! But I really like these ones, they look great on you!


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