Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Blogging Tips With Katie Brown

Yesterday I popped round to my blogger pal Katie's humble abode where we chatted all things Uni, make-up, blogging, and cats. Eventually we got round to filming this little video for you where we just talk about things we like and don't like about blogging. Obviously these pointers are just our opinions, and I'm sure some people will think differently. But we've been in the blogging world for two years now so thought we had an appropriate amount of experience to share with ya'll!

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  1. You two are lovely! I started blogging 2 years ago too but still feel that there is loads to learn! Found this really helpful so thank you - hope to see more of you two together! Totally agree about large photos, if they are too small I just click off! I really need to change up my layout too but I have no idea with html! Agree also about the capatcha ( or however its spelt) too , it puts me right off!



  2. You guys are super cute! Great video :)

  3. Cute girls!!!! I love your tips i found them really helpfull! actually i started blogging recently with two friends, and there is a lot of stuff that we have to learn, but we have a mantra Little step by little step :)

  4. wonderful video! you both look so wonderful :D

  5. just stumbled across your blog, and this video was a great little introduction! love these tips. you two are too cute. xx

  6. Loved this video, it was really helpful to someone who is still fairly new to blogging :)

  7. This was such a fun little video :) great tips!

  8. I just stumbled on your blog and watched this video. I loved it! I've also been blogging for two years and I totally agree with the advice you gave. I'm actually launching a new blog right now so, unfortunately, I'm basically starting over. I LOVE blogging though so I don't mind!

    You two are great together - you should make more videos!


  9. Thanks for all the tips!


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