Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Faces #43

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This week's been as hectic as ever with work sprouting up here there and everywhere. I've got two weeks to start and finish an animation, and typical student style I haven't even thought about it yet. It's suddenly become quite daunting that my first year of University is almost over - 4 weeks guys.. FOUR WEEKS! As if!?

I've had a couple of different style posts recently to make a change from outfits and recipe's, but don't worry I haven't changed I've still got plenty of clothes and yummy food for you to see! I'm not sure how posts are going to go in the next few weeks though as I said above I've got tons on my plate at the moment, and after messages on last week's post I've realised I do need to sort my priorities.

I saw Sub Focus Friday night which was so so good, a completely different scene to normal but a great one all the same. I hope everyone's been enjoying the sun - I'm blaming it on the reason why I've eaten out and drunk so much this week!

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  1. First year went by very quickly for me too and now I'm almost done with my second year! That's great the weather for you since mine is pretty terrible.

    Cute hate by the way!

    Ally @

  2. Can't believe I've almost finished my first year, too. We'll be out in the adult world in no time. Ahaha.
    Just found your blog and love it. Consider me a new follower via bloglovin'. (I can commit to anyone that mentions a love for cats in their description. :'))


    1. ahh that's so scary! hahaha that made me laugh :')


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