Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Love Rouge and Cupcakes

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On Saturday I hopped on the bus to Headingley to find the cupcake cafe Love Rouge. There I met Dan, Lizzie, and Claire, where we were spoilt for choice on cupcakes and breakfast! Obviously I had a banana milkshake (my favourite) and as I'm not keen on cream cheese frosting (gagging-ell) I choose the double chocolate cupcake, which as you can imagine, was more than delicious and filled my lil cupcake hole. Dan had poached egg on toast which looked so yummy, as well as a bakewell cupcake (my next time choice), Lizzie had the red velvet, and Claire had the lemon.

It was lovely to see the girls again after meeting them at the FABB event last weekend. I'll definitely be returning soon, and wandering if the fact my house next year is going to be just round the corner from it is a good thing or not .. Have you been?

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  1. These cupcakes look so yummy, and it all sounds so cute. x

  2. This looks amazing, those cupcakes look so tasty! Wish there was a cupcake cafe near me!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

  3. Oh wow, these cakes look amazing!
    Good choice with the double chocolate mmm
    Wishing this place was near me. Looks like you had a lovely time


  4. Those cakes look amazing xx


  5. Oh my gosh! So yummy!

    Emma x

  6. This place looks so lovely and quaint, I wonder if I can find somewhere similar in Edinburgh x

  7. That all looks so delicious!

    Julia x

  8. Was lovely to see you again :) you got some really stunning pics from in there, cant wait to go back sometime! xx


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