Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Faces #37

 photo 9eeb35e2-3167-4b30-9da0-1549eabd7448_zps87d65759.jpg

- Finally it's the weekend! (Well I guess it's over now..) I expect I'll be nursing a three day hangover as we speak, hens the scheduled post. Apart from Uni and being caught in a snow blizzard, I haven't really been up to much this week and the only new thing apart from my hair colour, is a twitch that seems to have taken up residence in my right eye. It's been here for 5 days now and hasn't shown any signs of relocating yet :(

 - The LFW tweets/photos/posts have nearly got the better of me; and lets be honest, the outfits people wear aren't actually something they'd really wear in RL surely? I suppose I'm just bitter because if I was still at home I could pop on a train and be there in 30 mins, but it's a totally different story now I'm in Leeds..

- Just like to pop in a massive HI to my new followers - as if I'm only 9 away from 400? Thanks so much for all your kind words :) How was your weekend? Oh and how cute it my new bunting?

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  1. I always wonder if the outfits people post are really what they wore too! :) Love your blog x

    1. haha i'm always like.. FOR REAL?! Aw thanks sweet :) ox

  2. Love the bunting, it's so cute! Definitely agree about the LFW photos everywhere... I know fashion isn't supposed to be all about practicality but some of the outfits i've seen are just insane!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

    1. ahh isn't it! haha redic aren't they ox

  3. Such a pretty picture! haha thats how I feel whenever I see fashion week pictures, the outfits are so over the top but I'm still so jealous I'm not there!

  4. lovely post and you look awesome ♥


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