Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Faces #6

- Hey, I'm back from New York!! I had such a fantastic time as you can imagine, despite the cold grey weather. Each day this week I'll be posting a variety of photos I took on my trip with a short write up of their relevance/importance. I have a lot of photos of the architecture as I love getting strange angles of buildings that fool the eye or make you involuntarily tip your head to work out the photo. I didn't want to post a massive haul of my trip as I feel it's worth more than that. It was such a memorable week and I took some really interesting photos that deserve to be looked at. I also took over 150 (not as many as I thought) so it would be an extremely long post!v

- This photograph was taken by a friend of me and Rosie outside the Conde Nast Building. This is the centre of American Vogue so we thought it was only appropriate to get a picture! The building was huge as almost all NYC skyscrapers are, and it was fronted with glass panels enticing you in to have a nosey peak. Unfortunately we didn't go inside, much to my annoyance, so a couple of us girls just gazed in awe at the stiletto wearing ladies and stern security men.

- I can't recommend you enough to make a trip to the city. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that I'm so glad I took. The culture is amazing, everyone is so friendly and helpful and welcome you with huge smiles and "Enjoy your day"'s. It was quite different to how I expected it, but in no way was I disappointed.



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  3. glad you had fun in New York!!! cute photo, you girls are both so fashionable!


  4. Can't wait to hear and see more of your trip Sophie! Sooooo jealous! x


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