Thursday, 23 February 2012

New York Day 4.

01 & 02: Museum of Moving Image 03: 'The High Line' 04: Brooklyn 05: Architecture 06: The Brooklyn bridge 07: Ellen's Stardust Diner

This was our last day in New York (sadly) and was possibly the most tiring. We got a subway train from Times Square to Queens and then walked to the Museum of Moving Image. We took part in a work shop there about stop motion animation, and then had a wonder around the museum which was actually really interesting as far as museums go. There were lots of interactive things which I think is important for 21st C museums as it keeps people of all ages occupied. 

The High Line is an old railway line that has been transformed into a park. It's approximately a mile and a half long and when it's finished will be around 3 miles. Unfortunately the weather was wet and grey (still), and being winter there were very few flowers in bloom so the plants were mostly brown grasses. The views and in keeping architecture of the walk way make for good photos though so I found it a lot more interesting than it may sound! There's more about it here.

We strolled around Brooklyn as we made our way to the bridge. There was a noticeable variation of period architecture, some buildings were quite gothic and some very modern.  The Brooklyn bridge was very cold and very windy! There was a walk way from one end to the other a level above the cars in the centre of the bridge. I also made my mark there by accidentally dropping the lens cap of my film SLR down one of the slats into the river!

Ellen's Stardust Diner is incredible. If you only have a vague like for musicals or theatre, then you will love this. I'm not an all singing all dancing all drama-queen enthusiast (I'm sure we all know someone like this?) but I really enjoyed the experience. It's basically an old school American diner with huge burgers and fries and onion rings (nom), but all the waiting staff are wannabe/rejected musical theatre stars. They walk around with microphones suddenly breaking out into a pop number or musical classic. Everyone gets involved singing along and clapping and it's just so much fun! I definitely recommend you go if you visit NYC!

On the Friday we spent our last dollars shopping then headed off to the airport. I had such a fantastic time and can't recommend the trip enough. I look forward to visiting in the summer when the weather will be a lot nicer, and also Christmas because I can't bring myself to imagine the tremendous American Christmas spirit!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my trip if not made you envious!



  1. Stunning photo's, sounds like you're having a great time. So jealous x

  2. Amazing pictures! You've made me very envious indeed, it sounds like you had such a wonderful time.

  3. Great photos!
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  4. Beautiful pictures! I love how you mix color and black and white photographs :)

    1. Thank you! I love the tones you get in black and white photos :)

  5. Your photos are gorgeous, especially the B&W ones. I really like how you've played with perspective and the grand sense of scale x

  6. these photos are great... the diner looks AMAZING. I am a massive musical fan so would be perfect for me. I never made it to Brooklyn on my trip to New York.

  7. The next time you come back to America, go to the South! It's not as big as New York, and many people would scratch their heads like, "Why?" Because hospitality and people are what make the South. I'm from Texas (will be moving to the UK) and I tell everyone over there a MUST is New Orleans. That place will rock your socks and be fabulous with your photography! Good luck with your journey, honey!


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