Monday, 20 February 2012

New York Day 1.

01: View from hotel room 02: Hard Rock Cafe at Times Square 03: Cakes in a Deli window 04: Starbucks at Times Square 05 & 06: View from The Empire State Building

We arrived about 5pm NYC time and 10pm UK time, and after a day of travelling and an early morning wake up, we were all pretty shattered. It was freezing cold and after a quick stop at the hotel to dump our bags - and take some photos of the incredible view from our window - we headed straight to Times Square and The Empire State Building. It was freezing cold so never really got to appreciate the view properly when we were at the top of the ESB, but it was still very overwhelming considering we had been in the UK that morning and were now looking out over the whole of Manhattan!

From the first picture you can see the right hand corner is brighter - just past the clock - which is where Times Square is. So we were very close to the hustle and bustle which I loved.

There was a Starbucks on pretty much every corner, and none of them have seats. We searched for quite a while to try and find one that had seats, but it's because no one in NY ever really stops. They get a take away coffee, or drink it down quickly and run back to work. It was quite a strange atmosphere, nothing really ever seemed to stop. 

Times Square was very bright and colourful and full of adverts. The bill boards were huge and nearly covered the length of the skyscrapers. My favourite had to be the poster of David Beckham in just boxer shorts, posing for an H&M add campaign! 

Anyway, more tomorrow!



  1. Looks like someone is having fun! x

  2. Gorgeous photos, I'd love to go to New York!xx

  3. So jealous you get to go to New York! It's definitely one of the places i'd like to visit sooon! :)

    - Ally @ Styled With Leather

  4. Wow Lovely photos it looks amazing!
    I love your blog, now following :) x

  5. Caaaaaakes!!! Cakes, cakes, cakes cakes!!!! x

  6. Love all your New York photos. I've been there twice, both times with my dad who is not the most patient when it comes to me taking photos! I mean that in a kind way- he just wants to march everywhere so I never got to take anywhere near as many photos as I wanted and it became a bit of a theme that I took photos of him marching off. It was funny at the time but now it's just silly. hahah


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