Saturday, 21 January 2012

What I'm Wearing 21/01

New 'Showbiz' No.17 Lasting Finish Lipstick / Velvet embroidered blazer / Vintage leather bag / Lunch!

Another lipstick that I'm not going to rave about. I don't really have good luck with lipsticks, think it's because my lips are naturally dry so they just don't last long -despite being 'lasting finish'. I really like the colour of this one and have had a lot of compliments when wearing it out, even though I have to re-apply throughout the night. 

I've had this blazer a while, just haven't got round to blogging it. In actual fact it is my mum's jacket that was part of a matching skirt suit (ew). I don't wear it that often only as an extra layer in the evenings, as the shoulder pads are sewn into the lining of the blazer so I can't cut them out, and shoulder pads look ridiculous on me as they swamp my tiny frame and make it seem as if I should be part of an American football team! All the same, the design is lovely and is very high quality.

Bought this small handbag for £5 from a charity shop and is possibly the best fiver I've spent! Other than on penny sweets. It's real leather and fastens at the top with a bronze clasp. It's quite brittle so I can't really fit much in it other than my purse, phone and Vaseline, so I tend to only use it for quick trips. However, it really compliments a going out or restaurant-meal outfit :)

I abselutley love Sushi. I'm a sucker for pretty much any rice dish - as long as it doesn't contain mushrooms. Sushi is just such a perfect lunch; low on calories, contains raw fish and veggies so extra healthy, and is 80% rice so fills you up! Ideal for me. Although after walfing it down within 10 minutes, I'm still not certain what the purpley/pink bits are in one of the rice wraps?

So all this is my preperation for an afternoon spent in Primark - I'm stocking up on wooly's for my trip to NYC next month! Eeeek! What are you doing today?



  1. That blazer is amazing! I always say I'm going to keep most of my clothes so that if my daughter is into fashion she will have some unique things!

    1. Thank haha yeah that's such a good idea! My mum used to have all sorts of goodies like leggings and silk blouses and cable-knit jumpers but she through them all out! Apart from her bright orange all-in-one ski suit. ;) x

  2. i really adore this blazer! its gorgeous x

  3. That jacket is gorgeous - love the colour!

  4. i have been looking for a vintage bag like that for months, they always go up to like £50 on ebay though! my nan used to have one(and rocked it lol) well worth a fiver...and yum yum sushi!!

  5. I love the blazer!


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