Thursday, 19 January 2012

Belated Christmas post

Winter Wonderland / One of Selfridges Window Displays / Best Friends and I at W.Wonderland

I was quite absent in the blogging world over the Christmas period as I was skiing with family and also doing a lot of the routine distant family reunions. So here are a few photographs I took in London just before Christmas that I never got round to posting. 

When we went to W.Wonderland my friends were eager to go ice-skating, but due to breaking my wrist after falling on the ice last February, I don't think I will ever ice-skate again! Just watching and hearing the noise of the blades scrape along the ice makes me cringe and puts me off for good! Do you like ice-skating?
Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas (eurgh feels wrong to say that word now that we're three weeks past it?) break and New Year! 



  1. lovely, lovely photos! I really love the christmas markets x

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    1. Thank you! Oh me too with all the candy canes and wooly hats :D x

  2. Nice pictures! Roll on Christmas 2012, haha ;)

    1. Thank you, I've got some quite nice ones of the Selfridges windows so might post all of them :) yessss! hahaha x

  3. Great shots! My friends in London all went to that Winter Wonderland and it just looked like so much fun.


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