Festival Monochrome Comfort

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

 photo IMGP0603_zps9638d10d.jpg  photo IMGP0604_zps1703f61d.jpg  photo IMGP0620_zps7b232f41.jpg  photo IMGP0607_zps98757373.jpg  photo IMGP0605_zps1dbd88ac.jpg  photo IMGP0619_zps27bea731.jpg Shorts: Levi's via eBay | Top: New Look | Sunglasses: Monki | Boots: Old riding boots (similar)

I know white probably isn't the best idea for a festival, and yes I did come home with this jumper covered in mud, but I loved wearing it all the same! Pairing a sweat with some denim shorts is a great way to keep goose bumps at bay but still feel comfy whilst you're waving your arms and legs around. This New Look one is lovely and squishy on the inside and the ribbed material keeps it from looking too plain. 
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Easy Peasy Homemade Thai Curry

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

 photo IMGP0602_zpsde420cd4.jpg

The lovely people over at Currys are collecting some idiot proof student recipe's so that all you freshers can be sent off to Uni worry free (more info here)! Thai green curry is one of my favourites and even though it may seem off the radar to cook yourself, I'm sharing the recipe I use, which is quick and easy and also gives that wow factor as if you've been slaving away for hours... It makes quite a light sauce so you don't have that full to bursting feel afterwards, but you might want to add other vegetables into the mix such a mushrooms or runner beans - or whichever you can get for cheap! I used chicken thighs here instead of breasts as they're cheaper and leave some money for pudding..

You will need:
60g per person of basmati rice
1 pepper 1 courgette (or 3 mini ones depending on preference)
Thai curry paste
400ml (one can) Coconut milk
   photo IMGP0581_zps3de59037.jpg

After chopping all the chop-able items up, pour the coconut milk into a large frying pan on a medium heat with 4 tea spoons of the thai curry paste. You may want to taste the sauce once the two ingredients are mixed to evaluate if you want it spicier i.e add more paste.

 photo IMGP0587_zps67661fcc.jpg

When you're happy with the sauce, plop in the chicken and keep stirring until it looks cooked. Please note though that as we're not making our own paste, the sauce won't be as green, the colour does develop with cooking though and varies on the amount of paste you add.

 photo IMGP0588_zps53c09d26.jpg

Once the chicken looks pretty much cooked, add the veggies and keep stirring.

 photo IMGP0590_zps3b419b8c.jpg

Now's the time to measure out your basmati rice and pour into a large pan of boiling water. It should take around 10-15 minutes to cook.

 photo IMGP0592_zps600361eb.jpg  photo IMGP0593_zps99e1c776.jpg

When the rice has cooked, use a colander to drain the water away and then put the lid on to keep it warm.

 photo IMGP0594_zps17eb9d06.jpg
The curry should be ready now as the vegetables should be just soft - personally, I prefer to still have a bit of crunch. Serve and enjoy!  photo IMGP0595_zps49bbd567.jpg  photo IMGP0600_zps66c2fa6e.jpg

Casual Festival Dressing

Monday, 18 August 2014

 photo IMGP0637_zpsf6acc8ca.jpg  photo IMGP0630_zps2e977a98.jpg  photo IMGP0638_zps4b07049c.jpg  photo IMGP0630_zps53576cac.jpg Shorts: Levi's via eBay | Top: Urban Outfitters | Bralette: Urban Outfitters | Hat: F21 | Choker: Depop (similar) | Boots: Old riding boots (similar)

On Wednesday I'm heading to work with my rucksack that's as big as me to shoot off up north afterwards to head to Leeds fest. Awkwardly, a few of my home friends are going to the Reading part of Reading and Leeds as it's sensibly a hell of a lot closer. It so happens though that going to a northern Uni means northern friends and ultimately a lot of (expensive) train tickets. I'm so so excited and whilst I was doing my outfit planning today I thought I'd show you my take on the festival vibez whilst packing lightly (but not weather appropriately).

There are some beautiful and ultra sassy lace bralettes round at the moment (this one and this one are on my wish list)- some more decent than others - so I picked up a cute little black lace one from UO earlier this summer with the idea of wearing it under mesh/knit items. This oversized thin knit, which I'd previously spotted on a girl who wore it over a black midi dress looking ultra cool (hoping I can attempt to pull off the same look), was in the sale and promised me easy styling with comfort at the forefront. It gives me plenty of room to wave my arms around in an unruly at-festivals-only fashion and allows me to wear sexy black lace without looking provocative..
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