Comfortable Casual

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

 photo IMGP0261_zpsebd04dc8.jpg  photo IMGP0264_zps39ec88ca.jpg  photo IMGP0267_zpsb7bf93bc.jpg  photo IMGP0268_zpsa5dacd28.jpg  photo IMGP0275_zpsfdc39351.jpg  photo IMGP0263_zpsf1adcbbe.jpg Jeans: Topshop Joni | Top: Vintage | Bag: Topshop (similar here) | Boots: Old riding boots (similar here)

I'm the first to admit that I'd rather wear my favourite levi shorts and new balance trainers on a night out compared to a dress and heels which is often the usual attire. Unfortunately, I'm not too graceful in heels and will never pull off an easy as pie strut like Elle Woods in legally blonde. Luckily, Leeds is a city open to interpretive styles and with the infamous fancy dress Otley runs taking place at the weekends, you can pretty much get away with wearing anything. This means living in smock dresses and my joni jeans is totally acceptable. 

For occasions where a scruffy knit would be frowned upon, I can pair my joni's with a blouse or crop top and a bomber jacket, and for days when my boyfriend and I are catching up or I'm spending the day in the library (most days), anything goes. Therefore oversized jumpers and baggy tee's have become my best friends and reassurance that I'm not going to be stared at or questioned for my lazy styling. This top is perfect for those occasions as the red indians print adds a point of interest and the length of the sleeves means I can pull them right over my hands which makes chilling out during a film a lot cosier. I've got my eye on this top and this dip-dye sweatshirt for when I can afford to expand the large casual section of my closet. 

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Spring Springing

Monday, 21 April 2014

 photo IMGP0170_zps93ff6ef6.jpg  photo IMGP0165_zps81ae8a46.jpg  photo IMGP0171_zpsc27e1086.jpg  photo IMGP0169_zps687aea92.jpg  photo IMGP0166_zps89659fb5.jpg  photo IMGP0167_zps4ab38639.jpg  photo IMGP0168_zps503437ec.jpg  photo IMGP0172_zps9ef7d820.jpg  photo IMGP0175_zps05d03502.jpg  photo IMGP0173_zpsa1f06ef4.jpg  photo IMGP0174_zps1257a0c2.jpg

It's been a little while since I posted any garden photos, but I really think these were worth the wait. The colours growing in the different sections of our garden (courtesy of M+D), really are the epitome of Spring with pinks and purples mixed in amongst leafy greens and sprouting veg. We have a huge blossom tree at the end of our lawn that is covered in teeny white petals for only a week or two each year, and this year I managed to take some photos at full bloom before they covered the grass in a white blanket.

Living in a busy city makes you appreciate pretty personalised outside spaces that are yours to enjoy. Our garden never disappoints, but unfortunately I can't take any of the credit..

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Tartan Smock

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

 photo IMGP0207_zps4af11cc5.jpg  photo IMGP0187_zps9af4ec3a.jpg  photo IMGP0193_zps8a889cc5.jpg  photo IMGP0243_zpsef42c08a.jpg  photo IMGP0221_zpsb45d02d4.jpg  photo IMGP0249_zps69d3deda.jpg  photo IMGP0253_zps05397d09.jpg  photo IMGP0223_zpsb44cf7ca.jpg

Dress: Ark | Converse: Cloggs* | Jacket: Vintage (similar here) | Sunglasses: London Retro via My Optique*

Firstly, please excuse the white glow illuminating from my limbs which haven't been on show in daylight for months (or what seems like years). 

This smock, like every smock, is just so comfy and easy to wear. It's perfect for those I-have-loads-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear days, and is a saviour when you want to look good but with minimal effort. The green tartan means it's great for layering with a plain knit or tights, and for these warmer days you can ditch those tights and just throw on some sunglasses (and fake tan in my case). I like pairing it with my all black converse for more of a casual feel, and I really want to get some jelly shoes (black, of course) for a more summery/less scruffy look. Well, what can I say, it's a smock, and it's tartan, what more do you want?

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